Mugen Door Handle Protector

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Door Handle Protector not only prevents scratches caused by fingernails or other objects when opening and closing the door, but also features a carbon-style embossing that creates a sporty look around the door handle. Can be installed on both the front and rear doors.
Size: S / M
Set contains two small size protectors or two medium size protectors.  Please choose the size from the drop down menu as well as quantity.

Size Small 08P48-XG8-K0S0-S:

Civic (FC1, FK7, FK8, FD1, FD2, FD3)

Fit (GP5, GP6, GK3, GK4, GK5, GK6)

Odyssey (RC1, RC2, RC4, RB3, RB4)

Size Medium 08P48-XG8-K0S0-M:

Civic (FK2)

Odyssey (RB1, RB2)