Hybrid Racing Stainless Maxim Performance Shift Knob


Countersunk: the threads inside of the knob extend all the way to the center.  The opening is enlarged making it the perfect knob for the Honda S2000 or similar shifters.  The countersunk version weighs approximately 461 grams.

Standard: this is the same knob as the aluminum version, just made out of stainless steel.  It retains the same size and shape, along with the laser etching.  The standard version is slightly heavier weighing approximately 474 grams.

Key notes:

  • One-piece stainless steel
  • M10x1.5 thread
  • Brushed finish
  • 474 g / 1.04 lb weight (Standard)
  • 461 g / 1.01 lb weight (Countersunk)
  • 70 mm tall by 46 mm wide