Hybrid Racing Dust Titanium Shift Rod: 2006-2011 Honda Civic


Take your Hybrid Racing 06-11 Civic short shifter to the next level by upgrading to a beautiful Dust Titanium shift rod.  Machined to the exact specs as the original stainless rod, this part offers an easy way to enhance the personality of your shifter.

This replacement shift rod will fit only the V2 Hybrid Racing 8th gen Civic short shifter.  It will not work with any other shifter.

**Please know that the coloring or finish on the product in the image can vary.  Each part is hand finished so not all parts will be exactly the same**

Key notes:

  • One piece titanium
  • M10x1.5 thread
  • Brushed & blued finish
  • 52 grams weight (standard type)
  • 114 mm tall
  • Fits HR 06-11 Civic shifter only
  • SKU: HYB-ROD-01-16