Hasport K-Series Swap Mount Kit: 2011-2016 Honda CR-Z

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Hasport billet motor mounts are offered individually to complete any swap you need. Hasport mounts are offered with your choice of bulletproof kevlar infused polyurethane inserts. 

Choose from the following:

  • 62A - Street use utilizing the softest polyurethane
  • 70A - Race for street and track use
  • 88A - Extreme race use for track use only
  • 94A - Most extreme race for track use only

SKU: ZFK1-U62A, ZFK1-U70A, ZFK1-U88A, ZFK1-U94A, ZFK2-U62A, ZFK2-U70A, ZFK2-U88A, ZFK2-U94A, ZFK3-U62A, ZFK3-U70A, ZFK3-U88A, ZFK3-U94A