Griot's Garage The Boss Foam Cannon

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THE BOSS Foam Cannon features a precision machined, stainless steel manifold for a lifetime of rich foam. Includes an industry first Auto-Mix system which dilutes your preferred BOSS Foaming concentrate without pre-mixing. Simply thread our 35 oz bottle onto the inner threads, connect your pressure washer and deliver a blanket of dry, rich, high-clinging foam over your vehicle. We also developed swappable jets to increase foam output in applications using a lower-psi pressure washer. Driven by an electric or gas-powered pressure washer, the cannon's nozzle adjusts to produce a wide spray pattern of up to a 40° fan for efficient coverage or a narrow 0° stream for long-range dispensing on car roofs, trucks, and RVs. Our exclusive Auto-Mix feature is a serious innovation. It saves tons of time because you don't have to remove the reservoir and mix the product by hand... It's a "no measuring, no mess, and no math" proposition, just screw in the bottle of concentrate and the metering tip provides the proper ratio. The cannon's machined barrel features a proprietary rifling pattern which enhances foam creation relative to ordinary foam lances. Built to last, our cannon is made with stainless steel internals that resist chemical-induced corrosion that can cause problems with standard brass manifold designs. Includes Stainless Steel Quick Coupler Plug (revised to fit most pressure washer makes and models), 1.25mm Primary Jet (installed) for high-performance gas pressure washers, and a 1.1mm Primary Jet for electric pressure washers. Extra metering tips and reservoirs are offered for your convenience.

Read/download detailed instructions on using THE BOSS Foam Cannon (Adobe PDF format).

Note: All foam cannons require eventual servicing. We recommend that you have a Foam Cannon Rebuild Kit (item # BFKIT) on hand to ensure you can make a quick tune-up to maintain optimal foam performance when needed.

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