Griot's Garage PFM Edgeless Detailing Towels (Set of 3)

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Accelerate the speed of all your spray detailers with this soft and safe double-ply, long-looped microfiber. Flashes detailers in one pass to restore your shine in no time. Made with leading-edge materials, Griot's Garage PFM® Edgeless Detailing Towels gently glide over the finish delivering the fasted wipe-downs this side of the Universe. The 16" x 9" dimension are form-fitted to your hand making them easy to control, eliminating common crumpling of the towel. The edgeless design enhances absorbency making the towel even more efficient than bound towels. The deep terry loop lifts and traps light dust, dirt, and debris making for a swirl-free pathway to shine. Pair with Speed Shine®, Ceramic Speed Shine®, Best of Show® Detailer, and other spray-and-wipe products.

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