Griot's Garage Boss Microfiber Pads

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BOSS™ Microfiber Pads are designed to address deep scratches, severe swirl marks, or any blemishes requiring significant paint correction when used with orbital polishers. Our uniquely designed pads feature a 1/4" high-rebound, euro-foam which delivers a dynamic feel under the polisher which rides vehicle's contours like a finely tuned suspension. This translates to a smooth operating pad that contributes to both excellent panel contouring, while maintain high pad rotation for optimized correction. The pad's plush knap, 9mm white microfiber resists matting common with microfiber maintaining consistent dynamic correction. All BOSS Microfiber 3", 5", and 6" pad sizes feature a center intercooling hole designed to resist common heat buildup on the pad face, eliminating pad dishing, extending pad life. Pad flex any BOSS Cream, by amplifying its correction with BOSS Microfiber Pads. Maintain frequently with our Pad Conditioning Brush or Air Pulse Blow Gun. Deep clean by hand or machine with Microfiber and Foam Pad Cleaner for long working life.

Downloadable Wall Chart of the entire Best Of Show System laid out for easy reference.